“Proof: Parliamentary Debates: Record of the Legislative Assembly, Daily Hansard: Thursday 6 September 2012”, Victoria.

While searching the net for the Member of Geelong’s second great grandfather, miner and later publican of the Halfway House Hotel, Hiscocks, Buninyong, James Trezise I came across this Hansard report.  [Grace Mitchell Trezise, whom I wrote about in a previous post, is the sister of James].

James Trezise is my second great uncle and most of my research on his family is near completion apart from clarifying who owned the freehold land for the Hotel between 1876 and when daughter, Maud advertised the property for sale in 1915; and was she licensee of the Halfway House Hotel whilst also licensee of the National Hotel, Albert St, Sebastopol.

“Mr Hiscock, a respectable resident there” is my third great grandfather, Thomas Hiscock.

An extract from the 1922 obituary of my second great grandmother, Elizabeth Hiscock (nee Thomas) describes the find:

 “Mrs Hiscock had many interesting reminiscences to relate of the early days of Ballarat, as she was there before and during the exciting times of the gold rush. She was the first woman to handle the first specimen of gold which was found in Victoria in 1854. Her husband, his father and her brother Mr John Thomas had been out looking for lost cattle on August 4th, 1851 at a place now called Hiscock’s near Buninyong, when Mr Thomas Hiscock sen. picked up the first nugget of gold and she loved to relate how excited the party were when upon their return they placed the gold in her hand.

For this important discovery the Government awarded to Mr Hiscock the sum of 1,000 pounds together with a gold cup. News of Hiscock’s discovery quickly spread over the colony and to England and soon thousands of men were streaming to the new diggings. Ballarat became a city of tents and from those stirring times Mrs. Hiscock has been privileged to watch its growth until it is now known as the Garden City of the South and the most important provincial city in Victoria.”

Hugh Trezise, nephew of James Trezise and my great grandfather married Phoebe Blanch Hiscock, daughter of Elizabeth Thomas and Thomas Hiscock Junior.

I am proud that my fourth cousin mentioned both sides of my family in the Victorian parliament, an unusual occurrence.