DAY 1 TRIALDay 1 of the trial was reported in The Denver Post, 29 March 1915

Bullet Intended for Home Raider Struck Housemaid:  Girl at Trial of Clayton Pattison Explains how her Life was Endangered:  Miss Inez Markle, a maid employed at the Iris who was in an adjoining room, was struck by one of the six bullets fired by Pattison but the force of the bullet was partly spent after passing through the wall and when it struck a bunch of keys suspended at her waist it lodged in her apron.  When DA Rush and others were looking for the bullet directly after the shooting the bullet dropped from her apron.  She handed it to the DA, saying that she had found it on the floor, but at the time said nothing about having been struck by it.

Day 2:  While her husband covered his face with his hands and wept, Mrs Pattison seemed almost unmoved by the ordeal on the witness stand.  She chewed gum in the intervals between questions.  One toil-worn hand shielded her face from the spectators in the Court room.  Her rusty hat was placed neatly on her grey hair.  She concealed awkwardly made shoes under the edge of her skirt.

The prosecution endeavoured to show that a conspiracy existed between Mr and Mrs Pattison to do away with Showalter, to no avail.

DAY 3 TRIALFound not guilty a second time.  “He came down the jail steps, a little bent man, carrying a roll of clothing in one hand.  He kissed his daughters with tears streaming down his cheeks.  He turned to his wife, hesitated a minute, then kissed her.  The four left the jail yard and walked down the street, arm in arm”.  Denver Post 30th March 1915.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE:  The happy family scenario didn’t last long and on the 23rd April,  Pattison asked the police to search for his wife, after she and their three youngest children disappeared. The police believe that Mrs Pattison and the children have deliberately deserted Pattison.

Daughter asserts Pattison has declared he will kill them all:  On Sunday 2 May 1915, the Denver Post reported on the arrest and incarceration of Clayton Pattison the previous day.  According to charges sworn by his daughter, Ruth Quinn, Pattison had threatened to kill her and his wife.  His daughter is the wife of George Quinn who shot and killed William R Herbertson in a quarrel over Herbertson’s wife.  Quinn is under a sentence of death.

Fleeing Denver with daughter Florence, Margaret found employment as a cook at Malcolm Bellairs well-known hostelry in Livermore.  Pattison found her a month later “but she sent him away … “.  On the afternoon of Tuesday 22 June Pattison re-appeared in Livermore, the locals not knowing his identity thought nothing of it.

After clearing away the evening dinner and completing her work in the kitchen, Margaret with daughters and granddaughter ventured out for an evening stroll.  Pattison appeared beckoning daughter Florence who was at the rear of the party.  Asked what he was doing there, Pattison replied “tell your mother I want to talk to her”.

Recognizing the voice, Margaret turned to her eldest daughter “you watch, there is going to be trouble”.  The daughters took off towards the hotel.

WHAT THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY SAIDSeizing Margaret, Pattison “whipped out a revolver and shot his wife in the breast.  Death was instantaneous.  … he turned the gun toward his fleeing daughter (Florence) firing one shot which failed to take effect … Pattison turned the revolver on himself, one bullet grazing the heart, the second passing directly through it … the shots setting his clothing on fire”.  source: The Weekly Courier, Fort Collins, Colorado, Friday June 25, 1915.

Of course, the Denver Post had reports of this tragedy splashed over the front page and details of the Coroner’s Inquest appeared on page 5 of the Weekly Courier, Fort Collins (6/25/1915).  General consensus among the locals was “good job Pattison killed him, saved the county the expense of a trial”.

Margaret’s death notice appeared in the The Denver Post on Friday June 25, 1915.  She was laid to rest at Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, her headstone reading “Margaret Pattison June 22, 1915”.

FUNERAL NOTICE MARGARETAs for Clayton, well he is in an unmarked grave at Grandview Cemetery, Fort Collins, Larimer Co.