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Continuing on from my previous post, Robert Showalter’s wife rushed to her dying husband’s bed side.  The following was reported in The Denver Post, 10 March 1915 – Rancher protests that he is innocent of wrongdoing: Woman believes he is faithful to her despite police story

Even in the face of approaching death and confronted with the statement from District Attorney Rush that he could not live more than two hours, Robert E Showalter, rancher from near Loveland who was shot three times yesterday by Clayton Pattison when discovered in a Curtis St rooming house with the latter’s wife, preferred to hold the respect and affection of his own wife by statements which in no way square with the evidence in the case.

On the brink of eternity, Showalter, according to police stories, lied to his wife, protesting that he had not been unfaithful to her and that affairs connected with his ranch had taken him to the rooming house to meet Mrs Pattison.

To bolster up his own case, Showalter then refused to make any ante-mortem statement to the DA which might be used in the prosecution of Pattison, evidently figuring that it would not coincide with things he had told his wife.

PHOTO MRS SHOWALTEROpposed to his statements, which Mrs Showalter, who arrived in Denver last night is glad to believe, are the stories of those who entered the room a few seconds after Pattison had fired the three bullets into Showalter’s body.  These are all to the effect that both man and woman were clad only in the flimsiest of under garments.

Underclothes Bear Marks of Powder

Further proof of this comes in the fact that Showalter’s union suit shows many powder burns, so close was the gun held to his body, while his outer garments carry none.  Against such evidence Mrs Showalter has held out.  She refuses to believe her husband is guilty of any wrongdoing and is willing to take his word in all he said.  When Mrs Showalter first reached the hospital last night the wounded man was unable to talk.  She returned to the hospital early this morning.  Her husband somewhat improved was able to talk briefly although he began to sink rapidly immediately afterward.

Papa, why was that woman in your room when you were shot? Mrs Showalter asked, when the wounded man had recovered sufficiently from the excitement caused by seeing his wife.

I can’t tell you until I get better, but I want to tell you now that she was not in that room for immoral purposes.  She and I had a business proposition and we were talking that over.  I deceived you by not telling you about this proposition before this.  You will know all when I get better.

Asks Proprietor for Confirmation:  Turning to Mrs H A Tyler, who owns the rooming house where the shooting took place, Showalter said:  She knows that I am innocent.  She knows that the door to my room was not locked.

Further than that Showalter did not discuss the shooting at this interview.  Speaking the few words had been too much for him and he sank back on his pillow completely exhausted.  An attorney, who had, at his request, made earlier in the day, prepared his will and who appeared at the hospital with the document for his signature, was compelled to wait some time before Showalter had recovered sufficiently to listen to the reading of the will and to affix his signature.

Mrs Showalter believes her husband implicitly.  Before and after her interview with her husband she discussed the shooting freely.  No one can make me believe that my husband has been untrue to me.  We have been married 27 years and right now I want to say that a kinder, better or more affectionate husband never lived than my husband.  Never in all our married life have we ever had any serious trouble and never have I known him to tell an untruth.

SHOWALTER DEATHThursday 11 March, 1915

Robert Showalter died last night in the county hospital.

When told he now faced a murder charge, Pattison broken down.  “I’m sorry he died, not because it makes me a murderer or because I face the probability of being hanged … but for the sake of his wife and children.  His wife is a good woman.  I’d like to see her and tell her how sorry I am …”.

source: Newspapers at Genealogy Bank.