Sadly, I associate the name Hugh Baird with an early death, not just this Hugh but also his nephews.

Hugh, the third son of Alexander “the Blacksmith” Baird and Ann Clark born 13th November 1832 and baptised at Montrose [OPR 312/00 0100 0257] executed his Last Will and Testament “upon the 26th day of November 1879” four days before his death.

“At Montrose the 13th day of May 1880 in the presence of James Mundie Esq one of Her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the County of Forfar appeared David Beattie, Grocer residing in High Street, Montrose, Executor of the deceased Hugh Baird, Labourer formerly residing at Lochside afterwards residing at Nursery, Montrose, who being solemnly sworn and examined deposes that the said Hugh Baird died at Nursery Montrose upon the 1st day of December 1879 and the Deponent has entered upon the possession of management of the deceased’s Estate as Executor nominated by him along with James Baird and Charles Baird his brothers in a Trust Disposition and Settlement executed by him along with a Codicil …”.

Snip Personal Property Hugh's WillTotal movable property amounted to £79/6/6 consisting of:

Body clothes belonging to the deceased: 10/6

National Security’s Savings Bank, Montrose: 76/17

One Share in the Montrose Baking & Trading Society: 1/19

That Beattie name rears its head again and I’m seriously thinking of tossing my original research on Ann Clark’s parentage out the window.

“Trust Disposition and Settlement” that stumped me but may have something to do with the home occupied by brother Charles at Little Nursery, Montrose.

Checking the NAS: “Between 1868-1964 a will could transfer movable and heritable property.  A Trust Disposition and Settlement (TD&S) could be used to transfer ownership of the land concerned to a group of named trustees.  They did not require to be registered to be valid. Locating a copy is not always straightforward.  Could be in the register of deeds either of the local sheriff court …” – unless you were a major landowner!

Forget hunting for the TD&S. I turned to the 1905 and 1915 Valuation Rolls I had for Charles Baird of Little Nursery – noted as Owner/Occupier and wonder whether this real estate was part of the TD&S.  Perhaps Charles and Hugh were joint owners/long term lessees?

In 1915 yearly income totalled £27/10 and feu duty £4/5/6.  Charles lived in No. 9 and occupied the garden area while son-in-law Alexander McDonald occupied or sub-let No 7.  [VR58/33/237]

Snip 1915 Valuation RollThe tenants, some long term:

No 3:  John Taylor, Surfaceman (and 1905) and at No 5: Mrs Mary Carnegie (1905 John Carnegie, Labourer).

So what was the relationship between Hugh and David Beattie?

Tracking shopman/grocer, David through census years on Ancestry, he originated in Dundee relocating to Montrose by 1861 with brother, William also a shopman and died in April of 1888.  In another twist, Hugh’s niece, Euphemia Sturrock Baird named her only child, Charles Beattie Watson.

Perhaps Hugh appointed David as a third man, to resolve any differences that may have arisen between brothers, Charles and James?  Who knows, I’m speculating.

A share in the Montrose Baking & Trading Society – a labourer in a bakery shop I presume. Many of Hugh’s nephews earned their living from the baking trade.  A google of this Society led me to

How did Hugh acquire this property or long term lease for it? – Absolutely no idea.

The answer may lie in the vaults of the National Archives of Scotland, a resource unavailable to me.  Forfar (B26), 1680-1699, 1709-1935, indexed 1809-1914