Evidence from the Past

In his monograph, “Stories for a Sunday Afternoon”, Maynard H Mires presents an unconvincing case his “revolutionary” ancestor Daniel Myers (Miers, Mires), Indian slayer and original settler of the Minisink township, descends from Delaware Quaker families, Miers and Cummings.

Mires is correct in stating Ann Cummings daughter of Enoch Cumming married John Miers between 1747-48 but the statement that the Cummings family belonged to the Established Church is false. Minutes of Duck Creek Monthly Meetings show that Ann Cummings and John Miers married with the approval of the Quaker community.[1] Minutes of Quaker meetings held in Chester county show Cummings daughters, Jane and Elizabeth, committed to Quaker principles. Moreover, Enoch Cummings’s second marriage to staunch Quaker, widow Sarah Blundell (nee Miers formerly Ozburn and Rowland) met with the approval of the Quaker community.

Ann Cummings married widower John Miers, the son of John and Mary Haworth and not John…

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